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Volunteer to be a Compost Captain with Project Compost!

What do Compost Captains do?

  1. The ASUCD Coffee House kitchen staff collects the food scraps and deposits it in 5 gallon buckets, which are then emptied into 35-gallon toter bins, producing about 8 bins worth a week. There are several other bins located throughout campus where we pick up pre-consumer waste, with items ranging from coffee ground to plant clippings. On average, almost 1,000 lbs of waste are picked up each week.
  2. P.C. volunteers, also known as Compost Captains, pick up the bins and load them onto our electric vehicle, known fondly as “The Cyclops”. These bins are taken to our windrow compost pile, located at the Student Farm. The pile is approximately 5 ft wide, 60 ft long, and reaches a height of 4 ft.
  3.  P.C. volunteers prep the pile at the Student Farm by adding the food scraps to the pile and then covering their additions with straw. The pile is covered with straw to help facilitate the composting process by balancing the carbon to nitrogen ratio. The straw also discourages pests.
  4.  After the pile has been added to and covered, P.C. volunteers wash the bins and return them to their original locations using the Cyclops.
  5.  Once a week, the Piles Director waters the pile to keep the microbes happy and then turns the pile using a compost turner attached to a tractor. Each section of the pile takes about 2-3 months to break down the food scraps until food scraps are completely unrecognizable and the pile is officially usable, stable compost! At this point the pile is cooled down and microbacterial activity decreases. The compost is then given out to the community to aid in gardening and plant growth! Please email us at if you are interested in using our compost!


Campus Center for the Environment and Project Compost have meetings every Monday evening at 5:00 PM in the EcoHub, which is between the Silo and Rock Hall. We are nested in the EcoHub in collaboration with Aggie Reuse, Whole Earth Festival, and Experimental College.

During meetings, we discuss future events, including our quarterly composting workshops, tabling events and field trips to recycling, composting, and landfill facilities. We provide homemade snacks and enjoy a small educational presentation on a sustainable topic from members. Sometimes we have crafts planned, such as making t-shirt bags or milk carton wallets! We also discuss future volunteering opportunities for both CCE and other sustainability-minded groups on campus!

Sign Up

If you would like to sign up to receive information about volunteer opportunities with Project Compost and Campus Center for the Environment or to learn about more the Organic Revolution, there are several ways to contact us:

  1. The easiest way to contact us is through email at Send an email our way and we’ll answer your question or add you to our listserve.
  2. You can visit our office during meeting times (Mondays at 5:00 pm) in the EcoHub (TB 24, between the Bike Barn and the Silo). Additionally, Project Compost educational pamphlets may be found online or in our office.

Thanks for your interest and remember:

A rind is a terrible thing to waste- VIVA COMPOST