Campus Center for the Environment has 6 paid director positions. Each director is personally responsible for specific tasks and plays a vital role in ensuring our unit runs smoothly.

Unit Director: Hannah Ulansey

I am in the last year of my Environmental Science and Management major and Geographic Information Systems minor here at Davis. I am so excited to lead as Unit Director during a unique time where students can work with campus officials to make big, lasting changes at this school. If you would like to learn more about the UC System’s goals of waste divestment and renewable energy, stop by my office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-3pm or Monday and Fridays 10-11 am. I love everything outdoors and making sustained eye contact with strangers and smiling. If you ever want to talk soil, discuss the abundant ways potatoes can be delicious, or simply want to try out some new funky dance moves, swing by the EcoHub!

Assistant Unit Director: Diana Cruz


Howdy Readers! I was born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles and made my way up north two years ago to study Sustainable Environmental Design. I am currently in my last year at UCD and I am ecstatic to be working alongside such a rad community of folks engaging in ultra rad eco-friendly projects! When I’m not on the job as Assistant Unit Director, you may find me hanging on the front porch of Delta of Venus, waiting in line at the Farmer’s Market for a cherry scone, or dancing to the jams at a house show! My Office Hours are from 2-3 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays so swing by if you need a yum yum vegan recipe, want to vent about environmental justice, or tell me about that funny thing your cat did last weekend!

Education and Outreach Director: Gavin Pauley


I am a fourth year studying Sustainable Environmental Design with an emphasis in Geographic Information Systems. Please contact me at or come into the EcoHub for my office Hours Monday 11am-1pm or Wednesday 10am- 12pm. Some interesting things about me are: I have somewhat of a green thumb, am mildly flexible, and love getting creative in the kitchen! A list of some of my oh so favorite things: unintentional puns, yoga, permaculture, big/smelly golden retrievers. Please get in contact with me for any reason you so desire, but especially if you or your student organization would like to get more involved with green community on campus, if you would like a workshop or presentation regarding sustainable living, or if you have an idea to improve upon sustainability on campus!

Education and Outreach Director: Kelly Kong


Hello! I’m a 4th year Landscape Architecture major, double majoring in Design. I enjoy taking care of aquariums, gardening, and playing board games. Please contact me if you have any questions about getting involved within the sustainability community here on campus. Also, if your organization would like help to make your organization more sustainable, please let me know. CCE can help provide presentations, workshops, and consulting. Come see me at the Eco Hub during my office hours – Friday 11am to 12pm, 1pm to 2pm, 3pm to 5pm

Piles Director: Sequoia Williams


I am a fourth year majoring in Ecological Management & Restoration and minoring in Soil Science. I enjoy hiking, sipping tea on chilly days, splashing in puddles, and, of course, the feeling of fresh warm compost between my fingers and toes! I love being involved with Project Compost and turning the windrows pile every week.

Vermicomposting and Workshop Director: Sky Johnson


This is my fourth and final year studying Anthropology at UC Davis and I am very excited to be working as a director for Campus Center for the Environment for this year! I am very passionate about composting  and love to share this composting passion and knowledge with the community. I’m very motivated to learn more about waste source reduction and alternative, sustainable living practices. On any day you might find me out in my garden playing in the dirt or enjoying the jams at the Davis Farmers Market. Drop by my office hours to chat! Woah compost!